It is no secret that drug use has been on the rise in Peterborough during the COVID-19 crisis, so our most vulnerable citizens are paying the price in more ways than one. It needs to be said: Homelessness shouldn’t be a death sentence. “People experiencing homelessness already face increased issues with their mental and physical… Continue reading BROCK MISSION MEDICAL STUDENT SAVES LIVES DURING PANDEMIC


How personal branding can cause FOMO

Originally published at Public relations is not just business; it’s personal too. In the age of social media, we are presented with many opportunities to brand our personal lives. We want people to perceive us in a certain way, and this is reflected in the content we post. We are so focused on putting… Continue reading How personal branding can cause FOMO


Packing potatoes for PR

Originally published at   On Wednesday, March 8, a group of students from Sheridan College’s PRCC program volunteered their time to a food bank at Oakridge Bible Chapel. The Bible Chapel’s program is provided by Food for Life, a Burlington-based non-profit organization that aims “to source and distribute fresh, nutritious food to those in need through… Continue reading Packing potatoes for PR


How to score in sports PR

Originally published at Graduates of a public relations program should have the same set of basic skills: researching, writing, editing and managing social media. But some industries require more; and sports is one of those industries. The sports industry is a niche market. It’s a small community filled with passionate people and opportunities to… Continue reading How to score in sports PR


All aboard the bandwagon

Originally published at With the rise of social media, more celebrities and organizations are jumping on bandwagons. Whether they are political, cultural or environmental, “celebrity causes” have never been more “in.” But do celebrities really care about the causes they support? Does it matter if they do, as long as the support is beneficial to… Continue reading All aboard the bandwagon


Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign sparks surge in body positivity movement

Originally published at Close your eyes. Imagine an important woman in your life. What does she look like? Chances are, she’s perfect. But look more closely. Can you see her roots? Zits? Maybe she’s overweight. Does that mean you love her any less? Here’s another question: does that mean retailers should alienate her with ad… Continue reading Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign sparks surge in body positivity movement


A political PR nightmare

Originally published at A Globe and Mail inquiry started a firestorm for the Canadian government in September, as the national newspaper suggested that Maryam Monsef, minister of democratic institutions, was born not in Afghanistan, but Iran. Monsef won Peterborough’s MP seat on a platform of being Canada’s first refugee MP. It has left Trudeau’s government… Continue reading A political PR nightmare

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PR Profile: Mia Gordon

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) recently launched NLL Productions, a subdivision of their communications department focused on creating video content for web platforms. It’s a small operation right now – Toronto’s Mia Gordon is their only reporter. She works out of the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, while the rest of the NLL’s front… Continue reading PR Profile: Mia Gordon